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Photographer:Loretta | Sri Aurobindo's Symbol in Mother's Symbol - Designed by Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Mother, 1967 - 1969

Mother's Q&A – 19-10-1955, Part 2

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Mother’s Questions and Answers, October 19, 1955, Part 2

Mother explains about hierarchy of realization based on the capacity of individuals to become aware of the Divine consciousness. She speaks of the value of having experienced guidance when one is searching for the truth on which to base one’s Yoga. She says that when we choose the Divine it is always because the Divine has chosen us. When this happens, we are predestined to succeed in our realization of the Divine, but the amount of time it takes is our own choice. It can be done very quickly or it can take lifetimes. Some people have to be dragged by the scruff of the neck, they complain, but they have chosen this themselves. This week we have the original French recording of Mother’s class, which will come on after the reading of the English translation.

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Sri Aurobindo's Symbol in Mother's Symbol - Designed by Mother
Mother, 1967 - 1969