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Photographer:Loretta | Sri Aurobindo's Symbol In Mother's Symbol - Designed By Mother Photographer:Tara Jauhar | Mother, 5/7/70

Mother's Q&A – 4/1/56, Part 2

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Mother’s Questions & Answers, January 4, 1956, Part 2

Mother explains ‘powerful yoga’ and how it is different from integral yoga. The people in the Ashram are waiting for the first manifestation of the supramental consciousness on earth because Mother said it would come in 1956. Mother tells them that is is best not to speak about it or anticipate anything and, above all, people should not to try to figure out what it will be like. When it comes, most people will not be able to see it, but perhaps those in the Ashram will be able to. Unless people are conscious of the spirit they cannot see the works of the spirit, and since spirit works through matter and its results are in matter, people usually don’t recognize the great actions of the spirit in the world.

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Sri Aurobindo's Symbol In Mother's Symbol - Designed By Mother
Mother, 5/7/70