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Photographer:auronet | Art Cart launch on 19th at 6pm at Visitor Centre Photographer:Amadea | Tsunamika 10 years Photographer:Amadea | The Gregorian Savitri Photographer:Amadea | Talk and workshop by  Jean-Fran Photographer:Amadea | Talk and workshop by  Jean-Fran Photographer:Amadea | morning dew Photographer:Amadea | strange life form

Music, New Humanity

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RAS invites us today to a General Meeting at 4.30 PM at Unity Pavilion with the welcoming of our children and youth that never ages. We are cordially invited to join the celebration of the new Working Committee and the two new members from Auroville Council. There will be a dinner around 6.30pm.
Thursday 18th at 5.30 pm Savitri Bhavan we can listen to The Gregorian Savitri whereby Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri set to Gregorian Chant by Heather Lee and Dr Kim Cunio.
Friday, December 19th at 8pm at Pitanga Cultural Centre Acoustic guitar concert with Bhrigu Sahni.
Saturday 20th December at 5pm, Cinema Paradiso, Town Hall, The French Pavilion, the CIRHU and the Unity Pavilion present talks & workshops: Pioneering Humanity from the “I to the We” talk in French, and on Saturday 27th December at talk in English by Jean-François Noubel.
Workshops: Body Plays Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7.30 to 9 am at Unity Pavilion starting 15th December.
Friday19th from 2 pm to 6 pm Upasana invites us to a Fashion Fiesta.
Art Cart launch by Sankalpa at Visitor Center on 19th at 6pm.For Truth is wider, greater than her forms.
A thousand icons they have made of her
And find her in the idols they adore;
But she remains herself and infinite.
Savitri B. II, C. XI, P. 276
Sri Aurobindo

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Art Cart launch on 19th at 6pm at Visitor Centre
Tsunamika 10 years
The Gregorian Savitri
Talk and workshop by  Jean-Fran
Talk and workshop by  Jean-Fran
morning dew
strange life form