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Music, New Unit

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By Jan V.Vanek and Estelle Koluda we are invited on Saturday, 9th August:at 8 pm, CRIPA, Kalabhumi, to their concert. On Tuesday, 12th August: at 7.30pm at Unity Pavilion: they are offering musical interactive dialogue with musicians from Auroville. Saturday 9th August 4-10pm we can participate in a Garden Party at Ganesh Garden where Vikram and Melissa will launch their new unit Avatar Design and introduce their brand Takla Makan. Friday, 8th of August 7.30 p.m Yatra Arts Foundation invites us to a Singing & Dancing Circle

But again for divine works in the world the individual Self converts itself into a centre of consciousness through which the divine Will, one with the divine Love and Light, pours itself out in the multiplicity of the universe.
/Sri Aurobindo/
ref. The Synthesis of Yoga, p.378

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04 Aug / 2014

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in Auroville
Garden Party at Ganesh Garden
Savitri Bhavan - Living with Savitri
Pondy Marathon
Savitri Bhavan
in Auroville
in Auroville