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Photographer:karthick | performance NADA HOMAN Photographer:karthick | lamp Photographer:karthick | CRIPA


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NADA HOMAN – Autumn Equinox 2016
CRIPA, Sep. 23. Twilight, 6-7 pm
– an invisible but recorded sound track leading through the eventide transition of day and night,
– a sonic ceremony gathering instruments from all directions to invoke the transforming power of fire, casting, forging raw metal into resonating bodies, – an incantation of peace and power….

Aurelio and Holger share an excerpt of the commissioned work which was recorded and staged for the exhibition “Vanishing Beauty – Jewelry and Ritual Objects from Asia” at the Chicago Art Institute, an awarded, grand museum of antique and world culture

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24 Sep / 2016

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performance NADA HOMAN