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Nammal Mudiyam tamil

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Edayanchavady Youth foster Well Being
Young women and men of Edayanchavady village have identified alcohol addiction
as a primary cause of poverty, violence and lack of household resources. They want
to highlight these issues, set up supportive structures and reposition a new story of a
healthy, empowered, socially engaged village leading positive change.
The project begins with a one-day well-being campaign that highlights; the effects of
alcoholism, available recovery supports and a suggested refocus of life as well being
and health. The event will be presented through; related talks, drama, film, art,
martial arts, organic gardening and therapy

in Edayanchavady Temple Square,February 28th, 4.30pm to 9pm

The event will be followed by a strong alcohol recovery support structure through
Alcohol Anonymous meetings, Al Anon family Counselling and De-addiction
programs through Auroville Village Action Group and Edayanchavadi Healing

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Project Sign Board
Prabha, Bridget and Savitri
Savitri and Poovihz