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Photographer:Andrea | Manohar talks on proceedings of work regarding water Photographer:Alma | drilling new well at Water Service Photographer:Alma | drilling new well at Water Service Photographer:Alma | drilling new well at Water Service Photographer:Alma | Sri Tyagaraja Aradhana* Under the auspices of Tamil Heritage Centre and Telugu Samskritika Kendramu Photographer:Alma | Savitri BhavanSaturday 31 January at 5pm Tugay plays ney Photographer:Alma | jolly kimbop delivered to your door

New Water Well. Potters

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In today’s news we are featuring two interviews – one with Manohar regarding the new bored well at Water Service, and the other, made by Alisha, with Joel Eisenkrammer just after the concert on Monday at Unity Pavilion.
RAS invites all residents on Saturday at 9am to 4pm at Unity Pavilion International Zone  to an Entry Service Interactive Session – The Next Team.
And next day, Sunday between 3pm to 4pm again Unity Pavilion we are invited by RAS but for Dive into Auroville  – Peace.
On Saturday at 8pm at Unity Pavilion – An evening to spend listening to the words of poets, saints and believers in the voice of Swati Srinivas singing.
Saturday at the Savitri Bhavan at 5 pm Tugay plays the Ney, Sufi wind instrument.
Auroville 1st International Potters Market from tomorrow until 1st of February at Visitor’s Centre

The ways of the Divine are not like those of the human mind or according to our patterns and it is impossible to judge them or to lay down for Him what He shall or shall not do, for the Divine knows better than we can know. If we admit the Divine at all,both true reason and Bhakti seem to me to be at one in demanding implicit faith and surrender.
– Sri Aurobindo

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john Jan 29, 2015 Reply

Please change the text and photo titles. This is about Water Service, NOT Water Maintenance Service!!!

    Andrea Jan 29, 2015 Reply

    Done. Sorry for the mistake…

      john Jan 29, 2015

      Great, thank you!

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