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Photographer:Luca | Luca Baldesi from Water Maintence Service Photographer:Alma | boring well Photographer:Alma | boring well Photographer:Alma | SAARANG festival Photographer:Alma | Libertas at Adishakti Photographer:Alma | The Big Bang fire spinning performance Sunday and Monday at Visitor Centre Photographer:Alma | boring well

New Well for Water Shortage

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In today’s news we are featuring Lucas from Water Maintenace Service talking about water, and the drilling of new well next to “elephant tower” in Residential Zone.
Today inauguration of Teachers’ Center at SAIIER at 4pm , later on two dance performances – at Adishkati Libertas – A dance performance from Korea
directed by Sin Cha Hong Performed by Sin Cha Hong and Young Ah Choi at 7pm , and at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, at 7pm
Pavilion of India, International Zone Yatra, a tribute to Odissi Dance beginnings.
The Big Bang on Sunday and Monday at Visitor Centre at 7.30pm.

O Lord, awaken in me an ardent desire to know Thee. 
I aspire that my life may be consecrated to Thy service.

– The Mother

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