General Meeting, Drinking Water
by Barbara   
Monday, 04 June 2012
Drinking Water (Photographer: web)Resident assembly Service invites us all to a General Meeting on Wednesday 6th of June at 4.30 at Unity Pavilion in International Zone to :hear from and discuss with the outgoing l'Avenir the challenges of the work; to participate in discussion on planning policies for Auroville's future; to ask questions and interact on the theme of planning the city. Children of 3rd group of Kavunji camp are arriving tomorrow morning between 5 to 7am, instead in the evening as it was planed. Aquadyn is ready to provide safe drinking water to all

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Keep yourself open to the Mother, remember her always and let her Force work in you, rejecting all other influences – that is the rule for yoga. Sri Aurobindo . . . . . FOR SAFE DRINKING WATER CONTRIBUTIONS - within Auroville: through AV. Financial Service account N°: 251351C (Friends of Aqua Dyn) within India: State Bank of india Auroville Township IFS CODE - SBIN0003160 - ACCOUNT NAME - AUROVILLE UNITY FUND ACCOUNT NUMBER – 10237876031 PURPOSE: SAFE DRINKING WATER SERVICE from abroad: STATE BANK OF INDIA AUROVILLE TOWNSHIP Branch Code – 03160             Swift Code SBININBB474    Account - AUROVILLE UNITY FUNDAccount Number 10237876508 - PURPOSE: SAFE DRINKING WATER  SERVICE   Please inform us of your contribution by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it General Meeting on 6.6. at 4.30 at Unity Pavilion, International Zone (Photographer: web) The Venust Transits - 5th and 6th of June (Photographer: web) The Venus Transit - in India from 7.05 to 10.22am (Photographer: web) Dr. Emoto's picture of Water Crystal (Photographer: web) Aquadyn - safe driniking water for all (Photographer: web) Drinking Water (Photographer: web)