Entry Boxes, Mohanam Celebration
by Marta   
Thursday, 12 July 2012

L'AVenir Nomination Open (Photographer: Tenizin)L'Avenir nomination is open, and at Solar kitchen, Town Hall and at Pour Tous -Aspiration, or online, we can pick up nomination forms; and follow the procedure. On Sunday 15 July at the Mohanam Cultural Centre in Sanjeevinagar. Mohanam will celebrate its 11th birthday . They invites us all warmly to come and celebrate with them from 10am to 11am at the Mohanam Centre. They will feature a short cultural program by the chiildren and youth of the centre. On Saturday at SAWCHU Jeff will facilitate Improvisational Theater Games from 2 to 6pm .

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The complete unification of the whole being around the psychic centre is the essential condition to realise a perfect sincerity. The Mother Mohanam Cultural Centre  (Photographer: google images) Registration Plates (Photographer: google images) L'AVenir Nomination Open -Entry Box (Photographer: Tenizin)