Kahata Kabir, Inner Chamber
by Barbara   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Matrimandir -  Inner Chamber (Photographer: google images)Tomorrow at 8pm at Kalabhumi Madhumita, Devasmita Patnaik and group will share with us KAHATA KABIR a dance performance In the path of Kabir Festival - Folk songs woven into rhythms and dance. At Matrimandir the unavoidable and necessary carpet cleaning and maintenance work in the Inner Chamber starting tomorrow, for a week. Some or all of the Petals Mediation Rooms will be open. At Auroville Health Centre on 21st July from 10am onwards. Bone Mineral density test will be repeated

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Open yourself to the new Light that has dawned upon earth and a luminous path will spread in front of you. The Mother buy newport cigarettes cheap Matrimandir (Photographer: google images) Petal Meditation Room - Aspiration (Photographer: google images) Bone Mineral Density (Photographer: google images) Bone Mineral Density - test (Photographer: google images)