Outlying Lands, Giorgio, CPS
by Martha   
Monday, 06 August 2012
Photo Exhibition (Photographer: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibition Hall)A collective Priorities and Values Meeting no.3 is going on this afternoon at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. This one will include presentation from LRD on Outlying Lands. On Friday 10th of August and Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibiton Hall in Pondicherry they will open a nine days long Photo Exhibition. Girogio is amongst the artist and in the connects of the exhibition will be displayed a selection of 23 chronotypes realized last year with the participation of Aurovilians during the workshop – Our Many Selves.

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All that is he, and he is the More than all that is, and we ourselves, though we know it not, are being of his being, force of his force, conscious with a consciousness derived from his; even our mortal existence is made out of his substance and there is an immortal within us that is a spark of the Light and Bliss that are for ever. Sri Aurobindo Girogio participating with Our Many Selves (Photographer: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibition Hall) Energy Postivie Habitats (Photographer: google images ) saving planet (Photographer: google images ) house like a tree (Photographer: google images )