AWC on Women Safety
by Barbara   
Monday, 10 September 2012
Auroville Women Circle (Photographer: Ananadi )Auroville's 'City for Transformation' Festival will start on Friday 14th of September at 5pm at India International Centre in New Dehli with welcome addresses and inauguration of Art Exhibition (Transformation). Auroville Women Circle invites us to their regular 12th in the month meeting in year 2012 on Wednesday at Unity Pavilion in International Zone at 5pm with this month topic on women safety. The Kailash Team informs the community that new ambulance has arrived , and they would like to invite interested to join the team.

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A total self-giving to the Divine is the true purpose of existence. The Mother Balaji Force TRaveller - new Ambulance (Photographer: web) Helaing wiht the heart - holoenergetics (Photographer: Ananadi )