Participate with Priorities
by Marlenka   
Friday, 19 October 2012
Karthik (Photographer: Marlenka)Tamil Aurovilian Karthik shares about his life; his background, his education, his work and, his hopes and plans for the future. Residents' Assembly Service presents the next Collective Priorities and Values Action Meeting featuring Affordable Housing, Entry, Participatory Planning, Economy, Violence in Auroville and Disobedience of Decisions: a chance to participate, to become involved, to be part of the changes and the growth of this City the Earth Needs.

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And this is an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo’s writings: To be or become something, to bring something into being is the whole labour of the force of Nature; to know, feel, do are subordinate energies that have a value because they help the being in its partial self-realisation to express what it is and help it in its urge to express the still more, not yet realised, that it has to be...but to be fully is to be wholly conscious of one’s being: unconsciousness, half-conscious or deficient consciousness is a state of being not in possession of itself; it is existence, but not fullness of being. To be aware wholly and integrally of oneself and of all the truth of one’s being is the necessary condition of true possession of existence...this is what is meant by spiritual knowledge...