Yatra Arts Foundation Invitation
by Ruth   
Monday, 22 October 2012
Saraswati, the Goddes of learning, knowledge and wisdom (Photographer: web)Invitation to act tomorrow at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion - The Collective & Priorities & Values Action Meeting. Tomorrow at 6pm Yatra Arts Foundation in Kuilappalayam invites us to the 7th anniversary celebrations with cultural program. On Sunday 28th of October between 4 to 5pm At Savitri Bhavan in International Zone Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna) will release his Writings on Savitri , Part Two: Collected Comments; Part One: Essays was published in 2010. 4th of November one day workshop on alcohol dependency awareness organized by LEC and CONCERN.

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To be free from all egoistic motive, careful of truth in speech and action, void of self-will and self-assertion, watchful in all things, is the condition for being a flawless servant. Sri Aurobindo Yatra ARts Foundation (Photographer: web)