CCC with B bday, Perseverance
by Clara   
Thursday, 22 November 2012
B (Photographer: web)Our friend senior Aurovillian Jayant Patel, husband of Aster Patel, left his body to the light on Wednesday 20th. We leave Jayant'ji in Mother's hands with our love and respect, and with warmest condolences for Aster'ji. On Saturday 24th at 3pm at International House - first of the Phoenix Project series organized by Community Cultural Colors to raise the Shinto Gate of the new Trash Mahal , B birthday, and much more.The same day at 10am at Arka we are invited to the report of the first meeting on Affordable Housing and to continuation.

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To do at each moment the best we can and leave the result to the Divine's decision, is the surest way to peace, happiness, strenght, progress and final perfection. The Words of The Mother, vol 14 perseverance(light yellow). The most essential quality is perseverance, endurance and a kind of inner good mood that helps you to not get discouraged and to face all difficulties with a smile. The Mother Perseverance (Photographer: web) PAP smear test (Photographer: web)