What`s Happening
by Marlenka   
Friday, 30 November 2012
wha's happening (Photographer: google image)Auroville Theatre Group presents 12th Night; art exhibition UPcycling Collection by OK at Pitanga; a piano concert by Hartmut Von Lieres. Regular events: belly dance, biodynamic compost making, Leela, (game of self-knowledge), Capoeira, chess, clay, free dance, drawing, colour and landscape, food lab (foods in relation to allergies), Ikebana, integral meditation, sustainable food growing, non-violent communication, OM choir, various types of yoga, Argentinian tango practica, ultimate disc A and the language lab offering various languages.

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"...I see clearly that pain, conflict, incapacity are all a product of our own stupidity. There's no doubt about it. We have only ourselves to blame. Every time – EVERY single time and in whatever circumstances – every time we take the right attitude, that is, when we are like this (Mother opens her hands) LET YOUR WILL BE DONE – honestly, sincerely, integrally - everything is fine." an excerpt from the Agenda Volume 12, on 17-3-72