Sing Sing, Unity Gathering
by Clara   
Thursday, 06 December 2012

Sing Sing (Photographer: web)Tonight at 8pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zoen we can listen to an unique Music band from Australia - Wantok Musik Foundations - Sing Sing, from Papua-New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and Oceania. Sing Sing is a musical gathering where tribes and villages share their dance and song. Sing Sing extends that idea over the whole of the Pacific. At Matrimandir Unity Garden on 12.12.12 between 5 to 6.15 community is invited to an UNITY GATHERING IN SILENCE AND CONSECRATION. Program - offerings, children's unfolding movements, gifts of light...

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The indispensable basis of our Yoga is sincerity, honesty, unselfishness, disinterested consecration to the work to be done, nobility of character and straight forwardness.

The Mother

Receptivity(orange) The power to receive the Divine Force and to feel its presence and the presence of The Mother and allow it to work.

The Mother Receptivity MM (Photographer: web) Couldy morning at Town Hall  (Photographer: Clara) Couldy morning (Photographer: Clara) Couldy morning (Photographer: Clara)