Celebrating Spring Equinox
by Barbara   
Monday, 18 March 2013
Sorcery at Sea (Photographer: web)The 21st of March the Sun cut the Celestial Equator in two .Day and Night are equals ... and Auroville's Trovadores meet at Marc Coffee by 4.30.pm at the Visitor Centre just to share poems, with Gordon playing the flute. The same day at 5.30pm at Savitri Bhavan Meditative musical "Bansuri and Vocal" concert inspired by raga Kirwani and raga Ahir Bhairav. With Bansuri flute - Kees van Boxtel, Vocals Tanpoura - Caroline from Auroville. GM on Wednesday at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion on work of Working Committee. Sorcery at Sea - 22.adn 23. at 8pm.

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The Divine puts on an appearance of humanity, assumes the outward human nature in order to tread the path and show it to human beings, but does not cease to be the Divine. It is a manifestation that takes place, a manifestation of a growing divine consciousness, not human turning into divine. The Mother was inwardly above the human even in childhood, so the view held by "many" is erroneus. Sri Aurobindo. Visitor Center (Photographer: web) flute (Photographer: web) Trubadours (Photographer: web) Vernal Equinox (Photographer: web) Celebrating Spring Equinox (Photographer: web)