Invitations, Walk to Remember
by Alma   
Thursday, 04 April 2013
Rwanda - Genocide in 1994 (Photographer: web)On Saturday 6ht of April at 6pm the residents of Auroviile are welcome to interact with the Governing Board at SAWCHU. The Rwandan Student's Association would like to invite the International Society from Auroville for the 19th Commemoration of Genocide Against The Tutsi,held in Annamalai University on 7th.Ffrom 7pm we will start with Walk to Remember,in memory of beloved one and as a sign of journey to the Vision of our Country,Rwanda. It will be a pleasure to share the moment with you all. Regards, Henry M.R.S.A President

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The Divine gives itself to those who give themselves without reserve and in all their parts to the Divine. For them the calm, the light, the power, the bliss, the freedom, the wideness, the heights of knowledge, the seas of Ananda. Sri Aurobindo Vol. 23:p586 Rwanda - Genocide in 1994 (Photographer: web) Rwanda - Genocide in 1994 (Photographer: web) Rwanda - Genocide in 1994 (Photographer: web) Painting Music from Within (Photographer: web)