SEDAB, Matrimandir
by Clara   
Monday, 26 August 2013
Matrimandir (Photographer: web)Today at 4pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone the community is invited to a Presentation on SEDAB - The 'Sustainable Enterprise Development in Auroville Bio-region' . On Wednesday at 4.30pm also at UP in IZ RAS invites us to a 2nd GM on Matrimandir Executive Selection. Today at 5 PM at Quiet IKAROMA Introspective Music Recital with Caroline. Tomorrow at 5pm Trovadores at Dreamers’ Café, Visitors’ Centre Poetry and Music in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Tamil, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese... Free bone density test on 29th at AVHC.

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Patiently you have to go round your whole being, exploring each nook and corner, facing all those anarchic elements in you which are waiting for their psychological moment to come up. And it is only when you have made the entire round of your mental, vital and physical nature, perusaded everytthing to give itslef to the Divne and this achieved and aboslute unified consectration that you put an end to your difficulites. The Mother Caroline (Photographer: web) Matrimandir (Photographer: web) Matrimandir (Photographer: web) Matrimandir (Photographer: web) bone density test (Photographer: web) bone density test (Photographer: web)