Sustainable living, Triathlon, ...
by Clara   
Monday, 30 September 2013

Shefali (Photographer: Clara)In today's news we are featuring Shefali, from Auroville Consulting, talking on a five day convention: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living in Remote Areas. Prepared by ANGIRS, a non profit charitable trust and a network of Indian Alumni from German universities. All are invited to the Unity Pavilion on October 7th, starting at 10am. Tonight at 5pm, we are invited to a musical program of Russian Singing Bells by Vera, at CRIPA in Kalabhumi. The 2013 Triathlon will begin on October 13th at 5.30am, starting at La Piscine with Olympic and Sprint.

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If the growth of consciousness were considered the principal goal of life, many difficulties would find their solution. THE MOTHER (Bulletin, Nov. 72, P-43) Renewable Energy (Photographer: web) Sustainable Living - baumraum-world-of-living-treehouse (Photographer: web) Sustainable Living (Photographer: web) Sustainable Living - eco capsule (Photographer: web) Sustainable Living p- Zero Energy House (Photographer: web) Sustainable Living - waterpod floating home (Photographer: web)