Participating, Fire&Light
by Clara   
Monday, 18 November 2013

Fire Juggling - Visitor Centre 23rd, 24th at 8pm (Photographer: web)Starting today and lasting until Thursday, every day at 5-7pm, we are invited to attend a series of open information meetings at Unity Pavilion (International Zone). These will deal with: a Proposed New Selection Process for the Working Committee and the Auroville Council and with The Participatory Working Group Proposal. On Nov 23rd and 24th, at 8 pm, Visitor Center, we are invited to a Fire & Light spinning performance. Also on the 23rd at 8pm, Sri Aurobindo Auditiorium, Bharat Nivas, offers us the Amayama Band, from Spain.

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Heroism is to be able to stand for the Truth in all circumstances, to declare it amidst opposition and to fight for it whenever necessary, and to act always from one's toughest consciousness. The Words of the Mother vol 14 Fire Juggling (Photographer: web) Fire Juggling (Photographer: web) Visitor Centre in International Zone (Photographer: web) Mothers' Darshan (Photographer: web) comet ISON, visible at dawn at E, SE (Photographer: web) The Mother (Photographer: web)