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Photographer:Panini Workshop Poster | National Knowledge Network- Begins with Sanskrit!

NKN Begins with Sanskrit workshop

Program by :

Chandresh shares with us the first upcoming event (connected with the National Knowledge Network) organized in Auroville using the newly laid fiber optic cables on Sanskrit Grammar with the University of Hawaii Professor Rama N Sharma and here at the SAIIER conference room. For Resgistration and details see below.

*A workshop on P??ini

“it is one of the greatest monuments of human intelligence.” – George Cardona

Professor Rama Nath Sharma (University of Hawaii) will present a workshop that will allow students already familiar with Sanskrit to dive deep into it’s most beautiful and ancient grammatical traditions. P?nini has influenced not just contemporary linguistics but many other fields and is one of the greatest scholars in India’s history.

Date: 12-15 November 2015
Venue: SAIIER Conference Room
Pre-requisites: Some knowledge of Sanskrit grammar is required (this is not a beginners workshop)


Registration can be done online at

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National Knowledge Network- Begins with Sanskrit!