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Photographer:Josette | Christine 1979 Photographer:Josette | Rakhal 1979 Photographer:Josette | bhaga 1979 Photographer:Josette | Suzanne 1979 Photographer:Josette | Paul P 1979 Photographer:Josette | Claude 1979 Photographer:Josette | Renu 1979

Off the Cuff-29

Program by :

Renu tries to wrap her mind around the communal mind, group body and finally a group soul, Wazo speaks in the terms of an artist and how to unite what we think, say and do or act. As usual we speak of everything and nothing.
1979 Portraits of Aurovilians, thanks to Josette for sharing her work- a blast from the past!

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22 May / 2015

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Christine 1979
Rakhal 1979
bhaga 1979
Suzanne 1979
Paul P 1979
Claude 1979
Renu 1979