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Photographer:Auroville Archives | 1979 Photographer:Auroville Archives | 1973 View from the Matrimandir Photographer:Auroville Archives | Oct 1979 matrimandir Photographer:Auroville Archives | 1978 view in the Village

Off the Cuff-36

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kalyan Jul 24, 2015 Reply

I am a big fan of OTC. Every Thursday night onwards I keep checking AurovilleRadio for OTC. I like the way you guys sit and discuss issues and news like I would with my friends and I think that the format makes OTC.
Please keep the show running and hope nothing comes in the way – look forward to help in any way I can!
– hope to meet you all in person and see OTC live!

Andrea Jul 25, 2015 Reply

Thanks Kalian !
We are enjoing very much recording the program and for sure we’ll keep it running and maybe in the future we’ll produce OTC twice in the week.
As usual we don’t know…. 😉

Renu Jul 25, 2015 Reply

Thanks for the encouragement Kalyan and thanks for listening.

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24 Jul / 2015

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1973 View from the Matrimandir
Oct 1979 matrimandir
1978 view in the Village