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Photographer:Auroville Archives | Sports Ground- Aspiration 1971 Photographer:Auroville Archives | Auroville from the air 2002 Photographer:Auroville Archives | Auroville Charter- Original Photographer:Auroville Archives | Auroville Charter- Hindi Photographer:Auroville Archives | Auroville Charter - Tamil

Off the Cuff-40

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In this episode we get the date right, and a brief report on the wild-life, we share our opinions on planning, the welcome entry policy which is going through a detailed feedback stage, organizing and implementing pros and cons, attitudes and more …
But as usual we know nothing.

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21 Aug / 2015

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Sports Ground- Aspiration 1971
Auroville from the air 2002
Auroville Charter- Original
Auroville Charter- Hindi
Auroville Charter - Tamil