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Off the Cuff-41

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In our usual haphazard style of conversation this week we cover the busy preparations by the WC for the upcoming Governing board Meeting, Vardarajan’s book “Blessed are those”, migration worldwide and to Auroville and how we respond, Wazo shares a vision of the impending new world and what the Auroville Radio will be capturing in the future, Matrimandir amphitheater embraces new cultural dimensions, Paul’s new musical drama that is coming up in Sep. and more…

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OTC Fan Club in New York Aug 28, 2015 Reply

Nice program, as always. Thanks.
Europe has an opportunity to show compassion, tolerance as it faces a flood of refugees. These people are desperate and they need help to integrate, work, and to live in dignity. But instead Europe appears to be leaning the other way; teargas, guns, walls seem to be the welcoming approach so far.Fear is the real enemy.

Andrea Aug 28, 2015 Reply


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28 Aug / 2015

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