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Photographer:Miriam | The Off The Cuff team... From left: Andrea, Renu & Wazo.

Off the Cuff-44

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This Friday regardless of our individual distractions we manage to note a few things like the odd coincidence of a computer bug in the Financial service system after Ganesh birthday Puja, a call for new members of the Unity Fund that describes needed skills but seemingly makes no demands for an economic vision or direction. We mention a debate on Auronet claiming that we should cut trees to save water?!! Meanwhile wells along the East Coast Road are increasingly turning saline due to salt water intrusion … the only potential upside to this disaster is that it may effect the inflated land prices. Where to go for a cheap dosai in Auroville? We let you know and some loose talk on our food spots, and a short feedback on the recent Group Meditation called by the RAS and of course how to slash donate to keep the radio going and to support this and other programs at the Auroville Radio please visit the page:

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18 Sep / 2015

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The Off The Cuff team... From left: Andrea, Renu & Wazo.