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Photographer:Courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art | Varuna

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu, Wazo

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In this weeks episode (#10) we have some good news that a small budget allotment by the BCC for the radio !
However our fund raising process must begin again as well. Wazo’s recent experience with the FAMC and Varuna Company who is interesting in providing the electricity for Auroville. Which brings us to the global energy alternatives, the existing choices within Auroville as well as the need by Varuna for a greater participation in the process and direction that the community has taken collectively, and finally the importance of moving forward with the Unity Fund and working towards service supports and fraternity regardless of our personal histories.
We also read volunteer Devaja’s ode to the Auroville Radio.

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03 Jan / 2015

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