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Photographer:Andi | Mitch, Ty and Timothy Photographer:Andi | Vegan Sushi dinner Photographer:Andi | Mitch Photographer:Andi | Live jam by Om collective

OM Collective live at Solitude

Program by :

The OM Collective, a group of four young, creative and talented people from US, was invited to perform for Solitude’s Friday night sushi extravanganza. This band was founded after four musicians, all students on the Living Routes program (Ty, Timothy, Trevor and Mitch) decided to collaborate their skills and present a live jam at the Solitude Farm last Friday. The perfomance started with some nice solo guitar songs by Trevor and Mitch and continued with awesome live jaming and conscious hip-hop lyrics by Ty with djembe percussion by Timothy.


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17 Sep / 2012

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Mitch, Ty and Timothy
Vegan Sushi dinner
Live jam by Om collective