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Photographer:Georgio | connection to the world movement Photographer:Annie | la foule arrive Photographer:Annie | ca chauffe Photographer:Annie | lots of people Photographer:Annie | happy smiles Photographer:Georgio | circle Photographer:Annie | le son se met en place

One billion rising

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14th February, Valentine’s day, a celebration of love for all, one billion rising – an international movement to mobilize one billion men and women against the violence experienced by one billion women in their lifetime.
Auroville took part in this world event.

The idea was simple: men and women dancing together for one hour. The event was organized like a typical “bal la poussiere” bringing music and people to a field.

Lots of speeches and coaching (maybe too much) but, finally, a bit of freedom for dancing.

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14 Feb / 2013

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connection to the world movement
la foule arrive
ca chauffe
lots of people
happy smiles
le son se met en place