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Photographer:Gea | Dance of the Konohanan Family members Photographer:Gea | Konohana Family Photographer:Gea | Konohana Family - Yoko and its founder, Isadon Photographer:Gea | Konohana mandala Photographer:Gea | presentation Photographer:Gea | presentation Photographer:Gea | presentation

One Family – Eco Village

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Yesterdays’s presentation of members of Konohana Family from Japan was in the spirit of finding similarities between them and Auroville. About twenty years ago Konohana Family established the Village of Bodhisattvas, one big family whose members are not connected by blood. Bodhisattvas consider others’ joy as their own and always live for others. Its founder discovered in his early twenties that he is sensitive and emphatic to others and the environment and was searching for alternative ways of life. In their almost two hours long presentation they shared with numerous audience many interesting facts about their life, philosophy of life and the way they work. Presentation was supported with power point presentations, two dances and beautiful gift to each of people who came to their sharing event.

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A Message from Konohana Family, An Extended Family of People Living Together Sustainably - Green Eating And LivingGreen Eating And Living Dec 29, 2014 Reply

[…] Konohana Family is an ecovillage in which 77 unrelated members (as of March 21, 2012) live as one big family. Achieve high self-sufficiency by means of organic agriculture. […]

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