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Photographer:Alma | Archana Sankaran Photographer:Alma | Manci, Putra and ARchana Photographer:Alma | Ok's river Photographer:Alma | Song of old films in the wind Photographer:Alma | Hemisphere Photographer:Alma | Hemisphere Photographer:Alma | Empty spaces

Open Platform, Art Installations

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Today at 4pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone we are invited to Open Platform. In today’s news are some short interviews with artist working on installations for the occasion of third Auroville Film Festival 2013 – Renu, Marc, Archana, Putra and Manci. Festival will open its doors tomorrow at 5pm at Town Hall, and until 22nd we would be able to see screened films on three locations – Cinema Paradiso, Conference Room, and outdoor screening. First film will be shown tomorrow at 7.30pm. Beside films live music, poetry… food

All must be done for the Divine all must be directed towards the Divine.Sri Aurobindo

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16 Sep / 2013

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Archana Sankaran
Manci, Putra and ARchana
Ok's river
Song of old films in the wind
Empty spaces