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Photographer:Kireet | Utiliy canyon Photographer:Kireet | Utiliy canyon Photographer:Kireet | Hermitage dam Photographer:Kireet | Hermitage dam Photographer:Kireet | International Zone Photographer:web | splash of water due to flooding Photographer:web | weahter threat

Over 100 Dams in Auroville

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In today’s news we are featuring interesting interview with Kireet who dedicated his work to water conservation in Auroville, and neighboring bioregion along with Green Belt. As Kireet says over decades were built more than 100 dams which successfully keep the water in the area. This November record of rainfall (measured by Charlie at Evergreen) is 906.6mm, and yesterday’s (2nd of December) rainfall reached even 265mm causing for the first time the Utiliy canyon dam to overflow.

Future School Opend Door and Foundraisers is postponed to 11th of December from 2pm to 5pm.

On 12th -13th of December , between 8am – 5pm Jorge will share with the community an Introductory Course to build a Small Wind Turbine where we will learn about wind energy. No experience necessary

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03 Dec / 2015

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Utiliy canyon
Utiliy canyon
Hermitage dam
Hermitage dam
International Zone
splash of water due to flooding
weahter threat