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Planning Spaces in Auroville

Program by :

A talk was held about ‘How spaces in Auroville can be developed to reflect its spirit’ by 10 second year students of urban and regional planning, from Queen’s University. This project is being led by Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, who chose Auroville as the project site because the city is progressive in its views on sustainable development and intentional community building. The talk was held to discuss about this topic, before the students can give their final presentations…

So the talk was held in two groups, where students discussed about various ways in which Auroville can be enhanced as a place for its residents & newcomers alike. Improving the area around Solar Kitchen & Crown Road, better lighting at night, parks for people to assemble in the evening or even have a picnic, having more workshops and events, having more places to assemble for events were discussed. ‘This will provide students an excellent opportunity for both learning from sustainable development practices at Auroville and applying what theyve learned at Queens to a real-life setting.’, says Dr Aggarwal.

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