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Photographer:Renu | Cairn Circle in Lime stone Photographer:Renu | Poppo Swami himself Photographer:Renu | Manikiam, Poppo and Gopi Photographer:Renu | The circles near MM viewing gate Photographer:Renu | The crew at work

Poppo's Megalithic Museum

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Poppo tells us about the living museum he is conserving near the center of Auroville. 2500 year old Cairn circles of sand stone boulders laying 1 meter below have been raised to the surface with meticulous precision to preserving their original form. In the center of these cairns, large granite headstones are found, and occasionally burial urns with earthen pots and metal objects and bones within the circle. All these stones would have been brought from several kilometers and the larger granite pieces from even further away probably near Mailam. Poppo, for over 30 years, has been tirelessly excavating and mapping various sites in Auroville and preserving and rebuilding urns, pot shards and other objects which he displays. You can help Poppo finish this work by contributing to Archeology account number #0123. This open museum helps us remember the mysteries of the past as we construct a city of the future.

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21 Nov / 2014

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Cairn Circle in Lime stone
Poppo Swami himself
Manikiam, Poppo and Gopi
The circles near MM viewing gate
The crew at work