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Poumi: Connecting with the Cosmos

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Everyone is welcome by Poumi to her latest workshop offering for Auroville community starting from Monday 19th dec at CRIPA, Kalabhumi. The workshop will be held for 5 days in the morning from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm. Everyone is expected to come with loose and comfortable clothing as the workshop intends to connect kundalini yoga through dance, meditation not through stillness but experienced through artistic movements of the body.
Poumi, who is an established artist in Paris, France has been helping people realize the kundalini through dance for many years.
Poumi says, people often forget they are part of the cosmos. In their daily routine schedules, people tend to loose touch with the infinite potential that lies within them and also sometimes loose contact with the fact that we are at all times governed by the rules of the cosmos.
Poumi wants to connect the people back to their true inner power and provide a space for self expression with music and dance to let go off all inhibitions and just embrace the moment. Enjoy the pleasure of being powerful within and find ways how we can channel this energy to create better future for everyone.

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