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Photographer:Grace | Savitri Bhavan Photographer:Grace | Professor Arabinda Basu Photographer:Grace | Shraddvan Photographer:Grace | Aster Patel Photographer:Grace | Tatiana, Mousumi, Robert, Srhaddavan Photographer:Grace | Robert, Arabidna Basu's son Photographer:Grace | Mousumi Mukherji

Professor Arabinda Basu

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Today’s remembering of Professor Arabinda Basu or Arindam-da, as known to many, at Savitri Bhavan in International Zone passed in deep gratitude. In first part we saw a short documentary made by Tatiana, followed by Aster Patel’s talk on The Transition of our Time. Remembrance, attended by many, brought up some sharing, starting with Arabinda’s son Robert, his close assistant Mousumi Mukherji, and others. Professor Arabinda Basu born in 1918 – 2012 was well known in Ashram, Auroville and abroad as scholar on Sri Aurobindo’s teachings.

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