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Prévert, Capoeira, Consciousness

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Thursday 14th of July at 7.30 pm at the Visitors’ Center Le Pavillon de France presents: “Le tableau des merveilles” by Jacques Prévert – A theater play in French With
Alain, Antoine, Aurore, Cathy, Christophe, Emanuele, Frédéric, Lison, Natacha, Rena, Sarah, Swar, Véronique, Véronique J. & Walter

Capoeira workshop by Ginga Saroba on Friday 15th from 4pm to 6pm and Sturday 16th from 9am to 11amat the theater of Deepanam School. Free of cost for all – Both days can be attended separately – Open to all (14 years old and above) – Workshop oriented towards beginners / non practitioners, doesn’t require any particular physical skill .

University of Human UnityBeing & Consciousness Bhakti Yoga and the Divine Adoration – Dr. Sehdev Kumar presents lecture/seminar series on the nature and mystery of Consciousness with special reference to the Bhakti Movement, and in the context of studies and research in evolutionary psychology, quantum physics, neurobiology, and new explorations in music.
on Saturday 16th 2nd talk -i Seeds of Consciousness & The Ground of Being : The Bhakti Yoga & the Poetic Sensibility: July 16

The more we advance on the way, the more the need of the Divine Presence becomes imperative and indispensable.
The Mother

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Jacques Prevert - Le tableau des merveilles  14th at VC
Paris at the time of J. Prevert
Ginga Saroba