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Repos Sandbag Party

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On Sunday under the supervision of Satprem and Lara from the Earth Institute, around 50 people answered the emergency call made by Reposcommunity last residents: Please hurry to come to our beach sandbag party and help us save our last houses. They joined efforts with the Indian working team also present. The assignment was tough, but we all could feel the great joy of achieving something together. Satprem ensure that, yes there is still a chance to save this great location, if our common will is set to it.

And what if ,like in the old days ,more volunteers would show up to rediscover that building something together makes you feel great at the end of the day? That its not only work, but also great joy and sharing? It could well save Repos but also, and quite important to the community, bring back some of the ancient spirit.

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15 Sep / 2013

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Collective Effort
Emergency Call
Satprem was everywhere
Team Work
Global View