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Photographer:Renu | Sacred Groves- Tahir's house Photographer:Renu | Nursery and Composting area Photographer:Renu | Carpentry Shed Photographer:Renu | Doormitory area with wind generator Photographer:Renu | Office and Dormitory Photographer:Renu | Dining area Photographer:Renu | Water tanks

Sacred Grove Housing Project

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We learn about the hands on philosophy and experience of the Sacred Grove housing project through its volunteers and project holder Manu Gopalan.
The site is a lively mix of different functions, where the work site includes a small nursery and composting area that is fenced off, a dining platform, a carpentry shed, several containers serve as tool sheds, the living quarters and dormitories are a little set back.
The power is generated by solar panels and a wind generator (built by Jorge) and all these are being monitored by Akash’s Wattman-

The entire site is a happy ensemble, a self contained and busy world where innovation thrives as methods are adapted and the work itself is constantly fine tuning and re-adjusting itself to fulfill and find its potential and purpose.

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25 Aug / 2014

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Sacred Groves- Tahir's house
Nursery and Composting area
Carpentry Shed
Doormitory area with wind generator
Office and Dormitory
Dining area
Water tanks