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Savi Volunteer Introduction Program

Program by :

Savi organised a very beautiful program for volunteers for an Introduction of Auroville, called VIP: Volunteer Introduction Program… This Program was lead by Maggie, Boomi and Dominique. They were very dedicated and have put together great effort in this program. Very well picked topics and destinations, awesome food places of Auroville and enlightening and welcoming insights by leading Aurovillians; made this trip a memorable journey of 4 days for all volunteers who participated in it…

The program included some movies and video on Auroville’s history, group sessions, visits to various communities and an orientation about their activities and also few games and self expression. The activities done during those 4 days included farming, visit to Matrimandir and also visits to some creative and service units of Auroville like Budha Garden, Shradhanjali, Swaram, Solitude farm, Bamboo center, Earth Institute, Food link and Pourtous, Eco service and African Pavillion. And finally, Tibetian Pavillion, where all they did all activities and video were screened.

This program was very interactive as well as informative. Movies on Wasteless, Making of Matrimandir; a talk by Manoj on Sri Aurobindo and Mother, question answer rounds made the experience even richer and full of information.

In this audio we have archived what each participant experienced in their transformational 4 days experience..

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romel Oct 12, 2016 Reply

Cool program. Great team. Airoville spirit. Peace. Congrats for the new building savi

Priyanka Oct 12, 2016 Reply

YO! sending love from
prague! This is amazing!!!! :))))

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06 Oct / 2016

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