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Photographer:Loretta | Mother's Symbol In Sri Aurobindo's Symbol - Designed By Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Sri Aurobindo - 1918 - 1920

Savitri, B. II, C. VI, Part 4

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Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto VI, The Kingdoms And Godheads Of The Greater Life, Part 4, Pages 189 – 195

The King follows in Life’s fine and mighty trails, seeking to learn the secret of her soul. All he became that she was or longed to be. A witness overmastered by his scene, he admired her splendid front of pomp and play and her rich and delicate craft. He thrilled to the insistance of her cry. He bore her might, felt her will, her hands of fate, her touch that moves and her power that sei4ze and drive. But he also saw her soul that wept within, her seekings vain, her heart that captures not the one Beloved. Finally Life is not satisfied with Life, nor is the King. In all of Life’s rich and complex music, alone the God-given hymn escapes her her art.

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Mother's Symbol In Sri Aurobindo's Symbol - Designed By Mother
Sri Aurobindo - 1918 - 1920