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Photographer:Loretta | Mother's Symbol in Sri Aurobindo's Symbol, Mother's Design Photographer:Cartier Bresson | Sri Aurobindo, 23/4/50

Savitri, B. l, C. lll. Part Three

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Savitri, Book l, The Book of Yoga, Canto lll, The Yoga of The King. The Yoga of the Soul’s Release.
Part Three, Pages 34 – 39

The high states which King Aswapathy has attained in his yoga practice must now become stabile and permanent in his being. The need to return to accustomed and inferior things is keeping him back, but still he strives to progress and he receives aid from high Powers. Finally his heights of being lived in the still self. His witness consciousness could see the powers working in him and with his own force he could work on himself with a new luminous art. Even in life’s lower reaches there was work. Strong periods of illumination, intuition, knowledge and wisdom came, Again this week there are two of Sri Aurobindo’s diary entries in the Record of Yoga which show a little of Sri Aurobindo’s own experiences in these areas.

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Mother's Symbol in Sri Aurobindo's Symbol, Mother's Design
Sri Aurobindo, 23/4/50