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Photographer:Youri | Outside presentation Photographer:Youri | Joska and her band Photographer:Youri | Joska Photographer:Youri | The catering tents Photographer:Youri | Flute player Photographer:Youri | Gino Photographer:Youri | Clarinette

Second music night films festival

Program by :

The second night of the third Auroville Film Festival 13 took place yesterday at Town Hall, and begun with a short rain fall that led to reorganization of the stage, little delay in the music program and the cancelation of few artists originally scheduled. Nevertheless, the audience had the pleasure to listen, while having dinner from Pour Tous and coffee and sweets from Mark, to Joska and her band, then it was time for Jivatman and his solo vocal and guitar show. He was followed by the Russian band of Kvitka, Dusha, and friends.

Victoria closed last night session with her solo performance, followed by movie screening.

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18 Sep / 2013

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Outside presentation
Joska and her band
The catering tents
Flute player