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Photographer:Fabienne | Seraphina Arumugam Photographer:Emmanuel | Lord Shiva<br />
Photographer:Fabienne | Seraphina Arumugam Photographer:Emmanuel | Artists musicians Photographer:Emmanuel | Sri Kalai Gnana Mani Thirumudi S. Arun and Srimati Shanty Rayapoulle Photographer:Emmanuel | Stage of Bharat Nivas Photographer:Emmanuel | Kolam

Seraphina Arumugam Dance

Program by :

Last Wednesday the 12-12-12 at Bharat Nivas Auditorium Auroville, Bharata Natyam School (Rasika) presented the Bharata Natyam Preformance (South Indian classical dance with musicians).Seraphina presented “The Rainbow Dancer”, accompanied by Srimati Shanty Rayapoulle on Nattuvangam, Sri Isai Ma Mani A.Susairaj on Vocal, Sri Kalai Gnana Mani Thirumundi S. Arun on Mrdangam, and Sri Shri Ratna T. Sreenivasan on Violin.
They explored the divine colours and their existence to part on the rainbow path towards the Lord’s heart !

The Rainbow Dancer: O Lord ! Grace me with the unshakeable faith and the vision of Oneness of my worldly views! Steady my timorous steps towards Your Holy Feet on that marvelous, celestial bridge of all hues ! ”
Scene 1 – The Yellow Path
The longing of my soul for Oneness has awaken me from my long spiritual slumber…
The yellow I knit, I knit the yellow of my heart felt prayers whatever are their number…
In yellow I pray … and dance…
Pushpanjali in Hamsadhvani Raga and Adi Talam

Scene 2 – The Blue Path
Immersed in yellow I need the assistance to continue my quest towards my Lord’s heart
O peacock ! Impart to me your colours’ wisdom ! Lead me to your beloved master ! Do no part !
In blue I implore your assistance… and dance…
Alarippu in Triputa Tala and Mishracappu Jati

Scene 3 – The Red Path
Clad in yellow and blue I am ready for action ! Of this world, the very epitome of diversity,
I should comprehend, through the dance, its mutation to conquer the eternal felicity !
In red, I will lift my ignorance veils… and dance…
Jatisvaram in Saveri Raga and Rupaka Talam

Scene 4 – The Green Path
The yellow of my prayers and the blue of the divine help brought me on our Mother’s lap,
Who, through Her countless forms, protects the dear Life to save us from the death’s trap;
In green I praise the Mother of all universes… and dance…
“Devi niye tunai…” in Kiravani Raga and Adi Talam

Scene 5 – The Violet Path
Though shielded by red of my pious deeds and the blue of the worldly and celestial affections,
I am seized up by a dreadful doubt of failure ! Help me ! My fate, as a ball, bounces in all direc

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12 Dec / 2012

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Seraphina Arumugam
Lord Shiva<br />
Seraphina Arumugam
Artists musicians
Sri Kalai Gnana Mani Thirumudi S. Arun and Srimati Shanty Rayapoulle
Stage of Bharat Nivas