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Photographer:Fabienne | Fiesta Latina on stage! Margarita & her band. Photographer:Fabienne | South African singing on the stage of the Auroville Singing Festival. Photographer:Fabienne | Dancing on the stage at ritmo latino. Photographer:Fabienne | The children choir opened the Singing Festival. Photographer:Fabienne | Chinese performing a folk song.<br />
Photographer:Fabienne | A South Korean song performed in traditional costumes. Photographer:Fabienne | The Tibetan performed a song about the Dalai Lama.

Singing Festival Day 1

Program by :

Minsun, Joy, and Gumsoon organized the first Auroville Singing Festival. At the amphitheater of Kalabhumi singers from 25 different nations performed their repertoire. Aged from 3 years old to over 70, the singers selected some of the most beloved folk and traditional songs from their nations. The Latin American team really rocked the show… and Margarita, well know in Auroville for her scientific researches on Effective Microorganisms, will from now on be also very much appreciated for her incredible energy on stage!

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