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Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Nuria Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Suresh & Mishko Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Nuria Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Suresh Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Nuria & Matt on piano Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Nuria & Matt Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch / | Matt, Nuria, Suresh, Mishko

Soulful Night

Program by :

As has Nuria announced in the beginning – it was a night of varied songs from jazz, latin, pop to soul. It was journey through songs which are dear to her of Katie Melua, Diana Krall, Noa, Carlos Nunez, naming few … full hall of CRIPA in Kalabhumi in Cultural Zone, and exciting applause at the end have clearly expressed that Nuria is not alone in her likings. She was accompanied by Matt on piano an sax, Mishko on bass and Suresh on drums. See all the pictures here:


Nana de Lluvia – Carlos Nunez

Spider’s Web – Katie Melua

Thank You Stars – Katie Melua

Alfonsina u el Mar – A.Ramirez & F.Luna

I’m Calling You – Jevetta Steele "Bagdad Cafe"

Narrow Daylight – Diana Krall

Uno Queriendo Ser Dos – Noa

Com un Arbre Nu – Lluis Llach

Departure Bay – Diana Krall

Holyhead – Celtic Traditional

Don’t Know – Noa

Vivre – Guy Bonner "Notre Dame de Paris"

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27 Jan / 2013

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Suresh & Mishko
Nuria & Matt on piano
Nuria & Matt
Matt, Nuria, Suresh, Mishko