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Photographer:web | Andreas Vollenweider Photographer:web | Andreas Vollenweider 1983 Photographer:web | Andreas Vollenweider 2009 Photographer:web | Caverna Magica Photographer:web | Andreas Vollenweider Caverna Magica

Sounds of the Harp

Program by :

Andreas Vollenweider was one of the few musicians to gain superstar status as a “new age artist” back when the term was first used as a marketing category in the mid-’80s. After becoming proficient on guitar, flute, and other instruments, the young Vollenweider developed a passion for the harp, which he modified to suit his needs. Over the years, Vollenweider has managed to maintain his artistic integrity and vision despite increasing commercial success.

Andreas Vollenweider
May Green Be The Grass – Santiago 1995
PearlThe Red
Caverna Magica 1983

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